Approval Process

‘Health Sanctuary’ follows a simple and streamlined process for the approval of a franchise. The application process involves honest sharing of some basic information between the prospective franchisee and the franchisor in order to clearly define expectations of both parties from the onset of the relationship.

We at ‘Health Sanctuary’ want you to fully comprehend what you will be involved with, while at the same time we would want to learn more about you. In case of synergy of our expectations, we would look forward to a long and mutually beneficial partnership.

Filling Up of Franchise Application
The Franchise application form can be obtained from our Franchise Development Department or it can be downloaded online. This form shall contain enough information to give us an insight into ourrevered and aspiring franchisee.

Review of Franchise Application

Each Application form and the particulars filled therein are thoroughly reviewed by the management to assess prospective franchise partners so as to benefit mutually from the venture.

Review of the Financial Capability
Financial soundness is imperative to be able to set up a successful franchisee. The financial integrity and stability of the prospective franchisee is thus assessed accordingly.

Interview with the Prospective Franchisee
We, at ‘Health Sanctuary’ firmly believe that a business relationship goes far beyond financial transactions. It is a long-term relationship based on mutual trust and faith. It is also concerned with the entrepreneurial qualities of an individual and thus, we meet the aspiring franchisees for a one-to-one session in order to assess and evaluate them.

Understanding the Business and Conviction
To continue and carry forward the ‘HEALTH SANCTUARY’ tradition of excellence, it is essential for the prospective franchisee to understand the ‘HEALTH SANCTUARY’ model thoroughly. The entire business model is explained to the applicant in detail and questions are invited and answered.

Approval of the Franchisee
Finally a mutual approval is arrived at only after establishing a complete understanding of the business and its norms between both the parties. The Senior Management of the Company may also be involved in the process at this stage.

Signing the Agreement
The final agreement is signed between the Franchisee and the Health Sanctuary Team and the Franchise Partner is introduced to the Health Sanctuary Team and key personnel for mutual coordination and collaboration in the future.

Awarding the Franchisee License
Finally, the Franchise License is awarded to the franchisee, which makes him/her a member of the ever-prospering ‘Health Sanctuary’ family.

Contact for Franchise

Contact for Franchise
Mr. R H Choudhary Head - Franchise Development Email:
Mr. Prem Kumar Team Member - Franchise Development Email:
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Address: Health Sanctuary, A 1 / 10. DLF Phase 1, Gurgaon - 122017 Email: Phone: +91 124 4635790 / 4370829