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How to Lose
Double Chin and Chubby Cheeks
(Non Surgical and Painless)
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How to Lose Double Chin and Chubby Cheeks

Ever envied someone with a perfect face shape and that beautifully carved jawline. If you too want a quick double chin reduction* & chubby cheeks / facial flab / cellulite removal through non-invasive and painless procedure, then experience Health Sanctuary's unique Ultra-Lipolysis technology at your nearest clinic. 


Ultralipolysis helps in quick double chin and facial flab reduction (Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person). Ultra-lipolysis provides people with tighter, more youthful & glowing skin, all without undergoing any Face surgery. Ultra-Lipolysis is a widely renowned procedure & is used for the reduction of Facial flab deposited in the double chin, under the ear lobe and even around the eyes..

Double Chin & facial flab reduction

ULTRA LIPOLYSIS: Must have often wondered how to quickly get your double chin and facial flab / chubby cheeks reduced. Ultra-lipolysis, our advanced technology for treating Facial Flab & Cellulite through Non Invasive and Painless procedure, is the answer and it gives you that perfect Face Shaping* as a result


Amazing and Fast Results: Since necks and chins are difficult to "exercise" in any meaningful sense, the matter of increasing chin fat deposits over the years can confound the best of us, leaving us frustrated and disappointed with our appearance. So many factors come into play to make correction difficult. Lifestyle, family genetics, diet, stress, absence of free time for exercise due to family and work responsibilities and the list goes on and on.


The procedure involves face cleansing as a pre-requisite to administering Ultra lipolysis. The entire process is completely painless and lasts just 30 - 45 minutes.


- Theory behind ULTRA LIPOLYSIS introduced by HEALTH SANCTUARY: Health Sanctuary’s physicians and dermatologists are trained to apply ultrasonic energy levels to "focus" at a depth (sub-dermal) where your fat cells accumulate.

- What happens next is that your chin fat cells which have a very weak membrane naturally absorb the ultrasound energy, literally "heating up" until the cell structure collapses, making for a safe quick and effective extraction. 

ouble chin & facial flab removal

The results of Ultra Lipolysis procedure at Health Sanctuary are commendably fast and amazing*. Ultralipolysis helps in Chubby Cheeks / Facial Flab and Double chin reduction and aids Face contouring in just 30-45 min (Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person)


Double chin & facial flab removal

Q. Any precautions to be taken for undergoing UltraLipolysis?

Ans. No Pre or Post procedure precautions are required except that after the Treatment, harsh detergents like soap should be avoided for 01 to 02 days.

Q. After how much time can I see the results of UltraLipolysis.

Ans. Most of the results of UltraLipolysis are visible and the difference can be made out prominently after the procedure. However the cycle gets completed over a couple of days and thus visible results could vary from person to person and may spread over a few weeks. 


Q. I am interested in taking UltraLipolysis at Health Sanctuary. How do i book.

Ans. You can fill the form above for an appointment for undertaking the procedure. Alternately you can call up on +91 9873298033 or just send an sms by typing HS followed by the Health Sanctuary Clinic or area where you want the procedure to be booked.