Non Surgical Facelift

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a dazzling smile without any surgery*
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As Cosmetic Surgery procedures continue to develop, areas of the body once believed to be non treatable or difficult to treat can now be beautifully enhanced during a lunch break or an early afternoon escape from office. Health Sanctuary's revolutionary Non Surgical FaceLift procedure also known as Thermo-Lift, provides people with tighter, more youthful & glowing skin, all without undergoing any Face Lift surgery. Thermo-Lift is a widely renowned procedure & is used for the treatment of Wrinkles, Furrows, Creases, and so on, around the eyes.

At all Health Sanctuary Clinics our trained Staff administers Thermo-Lift to give you amazing results* in a matter of just 30 - 45 minutes


non surgical faceliftFace is cleansed as a pre-requisite to administering Thermo-Lift. The process is completely painless and takes just 30 - 45 minutes*

No Pre or Post Precautions required except that after the Treatment, harsh detergents like soap should be avoided for 02 days.


non surgical faceliftThere are various reasons why people choose Non Surgical facelift i.e. Thermo-Lift Treatment at Health Sanctuary. The more common include:

» Gaining a more youthful, tighter appearance*
» Renewing facial contours
» Avoid undergoing face lift surgery
» Enhancing appearance
» Gaining a boost in self-esteem
» Feeling more confident

What is non-surgical facial shaping or a non-surgical face lift?

non surgical faceliftTraditionally, facial shaping and face lifting has been performed exclusively by surgical means. With the advent of dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections, it is now possible to shape, volumise and lift the face and make subtle yet significant changes without the need for surgery. The key difference between the non-surgical procedures and the surgical procedures is that the non-surgical procedures require little or no downtime/recovery. Furthermore, as expected, non-surgical procedures carry little risk, and require no general anaesthetic.

Generally, non-surgical facial shaping/lifting falls into two categories;

Rejuvenation - this is when fillers are used to replace lost volume and to return the face to a previous more youthful state

Enhancement - This is used to enhance areas of the face such as the cheeks, nose or lips to balance or enhance the facial shape.