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With age, the skin loses volume and fullness and appears tired, slackened up and old. This is caused when the collagen-elastin support structure weakens and the skin loses its elasticity. Reduce this damage with the help of Fillers, which are gel-like substances consisting of Hyaluronic Acid (HA), a natural substance present in our body. When fillers are injected into wrinkled skin they fill out the wrinkles and give the skin a younger look.

Fillers, Anti Wrinkle treatmentDuring the service, a topical anesthetic cream is applied on the concerned area - this is done 1 hour before the service. At Health Sanctuary we use Restylane, Perlane and Esthelis fillers. These are essentially gels of Hyaluronic acids - a substance that is produced naturally by the body and which gives skin its volume and fullness. A trained dermatologist injects the required units of fillers depending on the area and depth of fine lines

Fillers, Anti Wrinkle treatmentResults
The contours are filled out, lines diminish and the treated area looks fresher and younger. The overall effect is that of looking far younger than actual age.

The effect of a filler treatment lasts for aroung a year*. But towards the end, the effect begins to diminish. The treatment should be repeated to maintain the achieved results for longer.

Face fillers or derma fillersWill filler injections hurt?
Derma fillers are injected using a very fine needle into the dermal skin layer where they attract fluid to increase the volume of the treated area. Because the needle is so fine, the procedure is only slightly uncomfortable. For those with a lower pain threshold, pain relief is available.

What can fillers be used for?
We can use fillers to increase the volume of the skin almost anywhere, such as in the lips, cheeks and chin, in deep facial lines, in hollows under the eyes and to fill in some scars.

Will I have to take some ‘down time’ after the treatment?
Following your filler treatment, you may have a little swelling and redness in the treated area that will fade quite quickly.

How long do fillers last?
Face filler injections are temporary, with maximum results lasting around nine months to one year. However, semi-permanent and permanent fillers are also available. Each option for derma fillers will be discussed with our medical professionals prior to commencing any treatments.