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Your body system is out balance, if you are underweight or overweight, this is irrespective of how much you eat. Weight control problems happen when intake of your food is not properly balanced. Health sanctuary introduces DETOX MIRACLE that helps in weight loss and also detoxifies your body completely and makes you revitalized and rejuvenated*

Ayurveda, Colon HydrotherapyColon Hydrotherapy at Health Sanctuary helps you in complete detoxification and getting rid of all excess gases, mucus, feces, infectious substances and impacted food and stools that get accumulated in your colon over a period of time. This helps in cleansing up all the pores for good absorption of useful nutrients. Colon Hydrotherapy sessions at Health Sanctuary are relaxing and soothing as well as extremely energizing. Colon Hydrotherapy doesn’t require any hospitalization, general anaesthesia or downtime.

Colon Hydrotherapy at Health Sanctuary, involves infusing of herbal decoction into the colon by our highly qualified and Trained Doctors, thereby helping in detoxification and promoting weight loss

Ayurveda, Colon HydrotherapyColon Hydrotherapy eliminates toxins & promotes weight loss in just a single session. The results may vary depending on the accumulated toxins in the colon and from person to person. For more information also see FAQ’s

Colon Hydrotherapy is completely safe and in addition to the weight loss, has several advantages, such as:
The Ayurvedic colon cleansing herbs not only strengthen and tone the peristalsis (the muscle of the colon), but helps remove excess toxins from the colon by enlivening and supporting the whole digestive process.
It encourages proper digestion, elimination, metabolism and aids a healthy body and glowing skin.
It also helps control food cravings and overeating
It encourages proper absorption of nutrients and their assimilation thus slowing down the ageing process of the body
it promotes happiness, longevity, strength, intellect, voice, complexion and enhances your libido
It is totally safe and effective irrespective of the age of a person
It also helps in curing all stiff and contracted limbs

Ayurveda, Colon HydrotherapyWhat exactly is Colon and what is its importance?
Your colon is the most vital component of the digestive tract. It absorbs life-sustaining nutrients and water from the food we eat and expels wastes and impurities. A healthy colon will completely eliminate feces, toxins, parasites, bacteria, and dead cells. In many instances, though, this waste accumulates over months and years, becoming impacted over time. Astonishingly, it’s estimated that many people have 10-12 pounds of rotting and undigested feces and food in their digestive tracts.

Is colon hydrotherapy safe?
Yes. Absolutely safe and effective.Infactits the only 100% Natural way to detoxify and lose weight

How much can i expect to lose in one session?
In general one loses 3 to 4 kgs easily in just one session. However complete detoxification over a couple of sessions can lead to an overall weight loss of 5 to 7 kgs (Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person)

Does the treatment hurt?
No. In fact many people report their colon hydrotherapy sessions as being both refreshing and relaxing.

How long does a treatment take?
Actual treatment time is about 45 minutes, but you should plan a total session visit of one hour in duration.

What should I do to prepare for a colon hydrotherapy session?
Refrain from eating before the session, be as relaxed as possible and maintain a positive and cheerful attitude.

Will I experience any intestinal discomfort or fatigue after the cleansing?
Absolutely not. Once all the toxins are out of the body you will feel more refreshing and relaxing.

Can I work directly after having a colon hydrotherapy session?
Certainly. You can work just as you would after a regular bowel movement