Cav – Lipolysis

Shed your Unwanted Fat 
with Health Sanctuary's
Cav-Lipolysis procedure*

(CE Certified & FDA-Approved Tech for Weight Loss)

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Cav-Lipolysis is one of the most effective treatments* available in India at HEALTH SANCTUARY


Cav-Lipolysis is an ideal procedure for Inch Loss i.e Volume Reduction and Skin Tightening in just one session (Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person)

Cavitation Lipolysis Effective weight lossTheory behind Cav-Lipolysis:

Health Sanctuary’s physicians and dermatologists are trained to apply ultrasonic energy levels to "focus" at a depth (sub-dermal) where your fat cells accumulate. What happens next is that your fat cells which have a very weak membrane naturally absorb the ultrasound energy, literally "heating up" until the cell structure collapses, making for a safe quick and effective extraction.

Cavitation Lipolysis Effective Weight LossRESULTS of Cav Lipolysis:


Cav Lipolysis done through our experts at Health Sanctuary help you lose upto 30 – 50 cms + Weight in kgs from Tummy, Thighs, Hips, Waist and Arms in just few sessions, although Results may vary from person to person

Cavitation Lipolysis Effective Weight lossQ. How safe is it?

Ans. Total Safety with Nil Side Effects. In the hands of Health Sanctuary's experts this is one of the safest technology that one can opt for. It has no side effects and the only effect it has is an inch loss.

Q. Can I go to office and start working directly after having a Cav-lipo session?

Ans. Certainly. You can continue with your office work, right after taking a session of Cav Lipolysis at Health Sanctuary 

Q. I am interested in taking a Cav-lipo session at Health Sanctuary? How do I book and avail it? 

Ans. Just give a call to +91 9873298033 or sms HS to 53030 or fill up the Appointment Form above and an appointment will be fixed up for you as per your convenience. You can then come for the session directly. Only caution to be taken is to ensure that you do not eat or drink anything within 1 hour prior to taking your session.