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C-Lipolysis with Advanced R is a step ahead and a more advanced version of C-Lipolysis available exclusively at Health Sanctuary today. It is one of the world's best Inch Loss Technology and is the perfect way to lose your inches. It uses a combination of sound waves, tripolar RF, vacuum along with low intensity lasers and targets specific areas which gives immediate and overwhelming results. Lose inches of unwanted fat and help gain your confidence back in a matter of minutes (Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person). With C-Lipolysis advanced R being exclusively available only at Health Sanctuary Clinics and its franchisees, we take pride in providing you one of the safest and painless process where exceptional results can be seen within your first treatment. When diets, cheap treatments at unbranded beauty centres and slogging away at the gym fails, then it's time to consider visiting any Health Sanctuary Clinic, where you can be rest assured of  losing inches effortlessly

Weight Loss thru C-Lipo with advanced RThis is the most advanced and unique concept specially designed to target all types of fat cells, be it hard or soft. It combines sound waves, tripolar radio frequencies and low intensity lasers as well as vacuum assisted fat drainage to break down fat cells while at the same time tightening up the skin to leave you with amazingly wonderful results. This particular treatment is provided under strict supervision of Health Sanctuary trained and qualified doctors and dermatologists. 

Weight Loss thru C-Lipo with advanced RC-Lipolysis with Advanced R is a very safe and painless procedure that helps you lose inches off your tummy, thighs, hips and arms, thereby helping you gain your shape and confidence back* 


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Weight Loss thru C-Lipo with Advanced RQ.
How safe is C-Lipolysis with R?

Ans. 100% safe with Nil side effects. In the hands of Health Sanctuary's experts this is the safest technology that one can opt for. It has no side effects whatsoever and the only effect it has is quick inch reduction.

Q. Is there any other clinic administering C-Lipolysis with Adv R & where it can be availed?

Ans. C-Lipolysis with Advanced R has been exclusively imported by Health Sanctuary and hence is available only at Health Sanctuary Clinics or its Franchisees.

Q. What is the duration of the Sessions and Gaps if any?

Ans. The duration depends upon the body part being treated and also differs from person to person. As a rough guide, a typical session of C-Lipolysis with Advanced R may last anywhere from 15 - 20 min to upto an hour. The gaps depend upon the area which is being treated.

Q. Can I work directly after having a C-lipolysis with Advanced R session at Health Sanctuary?

Ans. C-Lipolysis with Adv R, just like C-Lipolysis is popularly referred to as a Lunch break procedure. Hence, you can resume your normal course of duties and work immediately after taking a session of C-Lipolysis / C-Lipolysis with Adv R.